Typhoon Jet over Loch Ness

Typhoon jet pays poignant tribute to Wellington bomber which landed in Loch Ness in 1940

Great photo of a windswept Hamish Gatt, Vic Attwood and Ian Benzie on the shores of Loch Ness, reading Robin Holmes book.

Picture by SANDY McCOOK 28th October ’20 The Typhoon from RAF Lossiemouth flies over the spot on Loch Ness where a Wellington bomber ditched in a snowstorm on hogmany 1940 during which a crew member was killed when his parachute failed to open. Members of the Loch Ness Wellington Association 2020, (L-R) Hamish Gatt, Vic Attwood and Ian Benzie await the passing of the Typhoon.

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One thought on “Typhoon Jet over Loch Ness

  1. Well done Chaps. Thanks for including me in the post. Perhaps the ‘North Kessock Past and Present Group’ on Facebook would be interested in a posting? Hope to be with you folks next October …. Best. Tim Harris.


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