July 2021 – Unveiling of Discover Plaque – Loch Ness

Masterminded by Jack Waterfall, with historical background provided by Martin Klein, the  Discovery Plaque was unveiled beside Loch Ness on Thursday 15th July 2021. The plaque tells the story of how R for Robert, the Wellington Bomber which sank 31 December 1945, was located using new Sonar technology, pioneered by Martin Klein.

People involved with the project were
Andrew Stewart – Veil Memorial
Ian Benzie – Retired Headmast of Drumsmitall Primary School
Derek Youngson & Lindsey Randall – Skipper & Lindsey Randall – Cruiser Division Manager – Caley Cruisers Ltd
Adrian Shine – Leader of The Loch Ness Project
Len Black – Priest & Retired Broadcaster

Events on the day included:HM Coastguard Helicopter passed over and two Jacobite Cruisers paused at the marker and sounded their horns.

On this day in 1968 Marty Klein returned to Loch Ness to capture an improved image of what turned out to be the wreckage of Wellington N2980.  Two years earlier, purely by chance, he and his team of Sonar experts unknowingly recorded the same information while searching for Nessie. They did not realised what had been discovered until they reviewed their traces after arriving home to USA.


Backroom Supporters:
Mark Jarman – Producer – Brooklands Member’s TV – Weybridge; Andy Dicks & Marta Lotysz-Veiga – ECDC Reprographics, Ely;
Tony Kelly – Regional Sales Director – XL Press – St Neots;  Martin Skilbech – Digital Creations – Witchford;
Nick Poli – CEO – Teamstrides Ltd – Holbeach; Riky Butcher – Hampshire Flag Company Ltd – Waterlooville.

Loch Ness Wellington 2020 Project:
Rachel Kellett, Tim Harris & Vic Attwood

Heligoland39 Project:
Jack Waterfall – Leader; Derek Pickersgill – Secretary; Nick Pollington – Treasurer;
Caroline Kesseler – Researcher & Webmaster.

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