Being Involved & Funding

Why are we doing this? It’s all inspired by Jack of course. It’s about commemoration, remembering, uniting and connecting people with their pasts and futures. Here’s how you can get involved with our project, or help us with our funding.


We welcome any connection to Wellingtons, and in particular R for Robert. Were you in Inverness when it was raised? What are your memeories? Do you have an uncle or relation who flew Wellingtons.

If you are local to Inverness, and would like to be involved in either the December 31st or October 2021 events, let us know. You are more than welcome.


Our needed funds are modest. Below is a breakdown of what we are raising and why. The total amount we are aiming for is £20,000. All our work is voluntary.

We’ve set up a Just Giving page for you to contribute towards the costs:

Restoration of the original 1989 Plaque – Estimated cost £1,000. The originally in bronze is in fair condition, but does however need a good clean.

Replacement or New Sonar Plaque. Estimate Cost £5,000. Put up in 2002, this plaque describing the Academy of Applied Science role in finding R for Robert, is in poor condition and would ideally need replacing. The LNW2020 team have suggested a more embracing linking text describing all the interconnected teams who collaborated and got the Wellington out of the water. Applied Science, Martin Klein’s Klein Side Scan Sonar equipment, Heriot Watt University and Robin Holms forming the Loch Ness Wellington Association that raised the funds to raise the Wellington.

Notice Board additional information. Estimated Cost £1,000. Working with Road Authority we hope to update the information on the road side information board with a Q Code linking to this web site.

Events of 31 December 2020. To celebrate and re-unit those involved in Inverness on the eve of 31st December 2020 and in October 2021 (COVID-19 providing). Art work and printing for the event £1,000 / Drumsmittal play production support £500 / Commemorative Broach £500 an Brochure £500

Filming and editing £3,000 – we’d like to commission a film to not only capture the events of this commemoration, but to link in with other historic media to re-tell the story.

Exhibition Inverness and Morayvia. To be housed first at Inverness museum and to relocate permanently at Morayvia, this is an exhibition supporting this event and includes parts of the original Wellington on loan from Brookland. £1,000

Our web pages aim to collect and link together the story and the people who have been involved with Wellingtons and in particular R for Robert. This includes those who were involved in the finding raising and restoring of the Wellington. £500

Contingency £1,000

Total £15,000

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