Bob Allwood

Bob Allwood was a post doc research associate working in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Heriot-Watt within a group led by Robin Holmes. Having discovered the Wellington in Loch Ness in the late seventies whilst doing trials with an underwater camera, and researched its history, a decision was made to raise the aircraft. At the time the Wellington was completely intact with its canvas covering and number on the fuselage. The Loch Ness Wellington Association Ltd was formed with the aim of raising funding, getting help from industry and raising public awareness to make this happen. In the following years (to 1984), the group undertook much of its fieldwork research with its ROV ‘ANGUS’, gaining as much information about the state of the aircraft as possible to plan its eventual recovery.

Around 1981, Bob Allwood moved to the Institute of Offshore Engineering which was an organisation within the University that provided a service to the growing offshore oil and gas industry at that time. Whilst there he took on the role of ‘manager’ of the recovery operation, organising vessels and liaising and persuading a number of companies to assist in what by today’s standards was a very low cost operation.

Here are some of his photographs of the raising of the R for Robert

Some of the objects found in the Wellington

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