The Loch Ness Wellington 2020 Project has commissioned Ian Forsyth of DP Digital Media, Dingwall, to produce the film for the anniversary commemoration. It which will feature the lifeboat from Loch Ness RNLI, a helicopter from the HM Coastguard at Inverness Airport and IX Squadron Typhoon Jets from RAF Lossiemouth.“RAF IX Squadron has a significantContinue reading “Filming”

1985 News paper from Joseph W. Zarzynski

An Email from Joseph W. Zarzynski, RPA, (Zarr) who was a member of the Loch Ness Wellington Association and flew over from the USA to witness the September 1985 recovery of “R for Robert.” He covered the news event as a stringer for an American aviation publication, the original copy is here

The nightingale and the Wellington Bomber

Located deep in a Surrey wood at twilight, a dedicated BBC radio sound recordist listened intensely through his headphones. He suddenly realized that an ominous additional sound was superimposing the recording. The year was 1942 and the interloping audio was a squadron of Bomber Command over-flying the Surrey countryside and heading for the English Channel.Continue reading “The nightingale and the Wellington Bomber”