Rescuing the Catalina Jan 2021

All summer 2020 there was a Catalina flying boat up on Loch Ness that had an engine failure and crash landed. On Monday 25 January 2021, on the obscure BBC Gaelic TV channel there was a half hour programme all about the recovery, repair and return to the air and its base at Duxford. The Loch Ness Wellington gets a mention as well. It is well worth watching, the Gaelic has English subtitles. The Catalina was actually built by Vickers in Canada. BBC Alba January 2021

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3 thoughts on “Rescuing the Catalina Jan 2021

  1. Wow I haven’t even heard of this story. It was not so much time ago. I am shoked. Would you mind if I add this news to my web directory about sailing with giving you a credit of course. It would be a pleasure for me to share it. Thanks!


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