Loch Ness Wellington 2020

December 31st 2020 was the 80th Anniversary of the 1940 ditching of N2980, R for Robert Wellington into Loch Ness. It is also thirty-five years since the wreckage of the Wellington was recovered for the bottom of Loch Ness, and began it’s remarkable renovation at Brooklands Museum where it now resides.

The Loch Ness Wellington 2020 Project seeks to celebrate this anniversary by involving anyone connected with those past events, including the families of the RAF airmen who flew in Wellington N2980 and the people of the Inverness and area which by fate became the host venue for its lifting and embraced the whole activity with such enthusiasm. 

What and When

LockNess Wellington silouette
Images Courtesy of Martin Klein and the MIT Museum

Events to celebrate Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has sadly not been practical or indeed possible to celebrate the 80th anniversary 31 December 2020 in an all singing dancing way. We hope to have a reunion when COVID and time permits which hopefully will include a reunion at Loch Ness and exhibition at Moravia.

But we did have a beautiful service at Inverness cathedral which was live streamed December 31st at 3PM

Our legacy will be a plaque at Jacobite Cruises to commemorate all parts of the story, and our web pages, in which we have gathered fresh and first hand information from the ditching and the lifting.

Why and How

1939 Wellington Brooklands

Why we are doing this and how you can get involved or contribute. Including links to  books and films about Wellingtons and memorabilia.


2020 LNW2020 LOGO

There is a core group of people organising this event, but in this process we summarise here all the people –  many of the originals – who have been involved with Wellingtons  and in particular R for Robert. This includes those who were  involved in the raising of the Wellington for example Drumsmittal Primary School.


July 2021 – Unveiling of Discover Plaque – Loch Ness

Masterminded by Jack Waterfall, with historical background provided by Martin Klein, the  Discovery Plaque was unveiled beside Loch Ness on Thursday 15th July 2021. The plaque tells the story of how R for Robert, the Wellington Bomber which sank 31 December 1945, was located using new Sonar technology, pioneered by Martin Klein. People involved with…

Dennis Winsor

Dennis Winsor was involved in the salvage of the N2980 from Loch Ness in 1985. Having spent a lifetime working at Brooklands and being involved in many projects, he always speaks fondly of those times and his memories. Dennis worked for Vickers from leaving school. As a member of the Vintage Aircraft Flying Association he…

Rescuing the Catalina Jan 2021

All summer 2020 there was a Catalina flying boat up on Loch Ness that had an engine failure and crash landed. On Monday 25 January 2021, on the obscure BBC Gaelic TV channel there was a half hour programme all about the recovery, repair and return to the air and its base at Duxford. The…

Can you help us?

Our needed funds are modest. Below is a breakdown of what we are raising and why. The total amount we are aiming for is £15,000. All our work is voluntary. We’ve set up a Just Giving Page for you to help us meet our modest costs of £15,000




You can contact Jack here – Jack Waterfall
Web site administered by Rachel Kellett

Schedule 2021

Fulfill and commission a plaque for Jacobite Cruises landing

Web pages updated and transferred to Brooklands